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Interested in carrying a kiosk? Find out if your facility meets the requirements. Click here to learn more.

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Customers now have a safe disposal outlet in Twin Falls with Kurt's Pharmacy!Posted by Rxtakeback on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Belleville News-Democrat | December 21, 2016

Steve Clement of Copper Bend Pharmacy has invested in a program that will dispose of prescription medicine in an environmentally safe manner. The program is free to the public.


Brighton Pharmacy and PharmaLink Join Forces in the Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse | Brighton, IL (The Southwestern Journal) February 2, 2017

Judy and Steve Peipert, owners of Brighton Pharmacy, are proud to partner with PharmaLink in utilizing our pharmaceutical returns program in conjunction with RxTakeBack®, the safe, responsible, and compliant . . .

See full article by clicking here. 

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PharmaLink and Benzer Pharmacy Join Forces in the Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse | LARGO, FL (PRWEB) JULY 20, 2016

PharmaLink is proud to partner with Benzer Pharmacy in utilizing their pharmaceutical returns program in conjunction with RxTakeBack®, the safe, responsible, and compliant disposal solution for patient medication, including narcotic prescription drugs.

Read the full press release by clicking here. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Benzer Pharmacy rolls out RxTakeBack kiosks at 2 locations | Tampa, FL (DSN) JULY 5, 2016

Benzer Pharmacy on Tuesday announced a new service that it is offering at two locations. Using PharmaLink’s RxTakeBack program, Benzer has made it possible for patients to dispose of unwanted or expired prescription and OTC drugs, including controlled substances, at one Tampa and one Pompano Beach, …


PharmaLink, Inc. ® and American Security Cabinets Collaborate to Launch RxTakeBack™ as a Solution to Drug Take Back | LARGO, FL (PRWEB) APRIL 20, 2016

RxTakeBack™ was developed in response to the requirements set forth in the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010 and the growing need for U.S. consumers to have a compliant and logical outlet for all types of prescription disposal. RxTakeBack™ is available to be purchased by any entity that can collect pharmaceuticals according to DEA regulation. These facilities includes retail pharmacies, certain hospitals, narcotic treatment programs, and law enforcement.

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